Youtube Video: Tik Tok Reaction Video

Here is what you should watch if you feel the need to critique how edits are made.
If you were wondering, I used audio transitions to make it sound smoother, Please let me know if i should be more aggressive with the audio transitions.

I made this video in adobe premiere pro. It said I made 267 cuts. And I used 140 effects. I tried my best to make lots of cuts.

I originally wanted this video to be the worst mockery of tik tok. I wanted this thing to be satirical by shaking the camera. By aiming the camera at the sun. By having nonsensical captions. By turning up the audio on a few clips to make that phrase seem dramatic.

I had to manually make luts to make the color of my skin better. I decided to run my mock tik toks through the app to get the username and symbol overlay effect. I think it works rather well. I used a really good microphone and the audio shows (thumbs up).


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