My artwork looks like steel cross beams found in large construction zones, and also a wood abstract table. I title it: shaded table. Uses of straight beams is most obvious in my work. I used pencil and a ruler to draw the initial shapes and spaces. Then I drew in the details with pencil and drew over some of the pencil marks with a fine marker. Metal beams are three dimensional, personally I was inspired with many different colors to combine with them. The way I used metal beams kind of looks like they are coming and going in and out of frame like almost in outer space. I tried to show pleasing colors with my usage of blues, green, and violet. my current goal for being an artist is to just make what I want, and if it’s any good I’ll make more of it, and experiment to gain experience. This piece has a few missing elements and is very arbitrary. I would say this piece has put me a step forward. I learned how difficult it is to make depth in my drawing and the marker gives a bolder look then pencil lead. It is not the final pieces I initially imagined, it is overwhelming when you start to expect a masterpiece. This piece has straight lines and they look good , so probably, my future artwork will have straight lines.


It’s title: Shaded Table.

Michael Spiering


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